Friday, March 27, 2009

OU recruit arrested on felony charges.

I know, can you believe it? By the way, the Sooner men take the court tonight for their Sweet 16 game. It has been quite an improvement in the classroom as well. They went from a ZERO graduation rate to 38%. Boomer!

Here's the story on the recruit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two tickets to Paradise: the musical

If it's anyone that can get us out of a recession, it's the Money Man!


The Money Man is coming to Lubbock on September 26th. The fair grounds will be Shakin!

Who says there is nothing fun to do around here?

Facebook friends that want to see the cool video click here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My faux voicemail message to Ron Moore.

Pick up the phone, Ron. Doosh!

Hey, I got a great idea. Now that we have destroyed our enemy and found the 'real' Earth, let's crash all of our space technology into the sun and turn the remaining Centurions loose. Then with no explanation, let's just have Starbuck disappear in the middle of a conversation. Genius! NOT!

The first half of the finale was okay. Cool effects. Nice end to the cylon colony. I dug that part. Then..... a final 'OK corral' ending to the skinjobs that are 'evil'. Whatever. Yay! Galactica wins.

2 episodes ago I thought they established that Galactica was a flying Edsel. Then all the sudden it can just jump into the hive and get shot at point blank range for an hour?

Honestly, I knew I wasn't going to be happy with it. I've been pissed off at you and the writers since they blew up the Pegasus. I'm pissed that you never killed off Baltar. He sucks and that skinjob was kinda hot 5 years ago, but after 5 years of whorin around the galaxy, it shows...Also, the original BSG revolved around Apollo and Starbuck. Your show just teased but never really delivered there. C'mon dude, what's your problem? Why do you hate love?

I never really understood why we had to see the XO and the Admiral at a strip club "back in the day". Only to show Adama puking then looking up at the stars and smiling. Why have all the background? The President bangs younger dude, then all the sudden wants to get on the campaign trail? OK? Why was this necessary...OH I see. They had lives before the attack on the colonies. Well, if you didn't cover that after season 2, then why bring it up in the last? The background on Baltar was good, if you like background stories that explain nothing.

Ron, I'm just angry that the show is ending. But you know what? You are a genius because BSG is the greatest prick tease show of all-all times!

Oh, and I'm done...if you think I'm gonna watch the television movie from the cylon perspective and the huge dewsh spin off Caprica, then you be crazy. (sigh)

What am I saying? Just kidding Ron. (haha...sigh) Please, Call me back, we can undo this. After all, it has happened before....